Mr Stephen Wagstaff (5th Degree)

Mr Stephen Wagstaff

Steve Wagstaff is the Instructor at the Chesterfield Schools.

Born in 1971 I started training in Taekwon–Do at the age of 16 in 1987 at a club in Chesterfield Town Centre under Mr. Roy Slater, who was the original teacher of my current instructor, Mr. Gary Bradshaw.

 I gained my 1st Degree Black Belt in 1992, grading under Hee ll cho.  Shortly after this I sustained a serious injury to my elbow, which put me out of training for several years, undergoing Physio and strength exercises to help me regain full use, which then enabled me to get back into training. When I restarted Taekwon–Do, although being a black belt, I had been out of training for a long time and had to familiarise myself with all the syllabus from white belt up to my current belt, after this long process I started entering competitions winning a selection of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for Patterns, Sparring and Breaking.

I then gained my 2nd Degree black belt in 2003 and also completed my Assistant Instructors course in 2004. At this time, I cross trained in other styles of Martial Arts, including Kick boxing, under Steve Ball and John Stevenson but unfortunately this class closed due to the instructors’ other commitments, so I then decided to try Hap Kido under Matt Lyons and Master Sam Plum.

I then completed my Full Instructors Course with a credit in 2005, I also took part in 2 Fast Defense courses.  Shortly after this I was given the great opportunity to take over the Chesterfield Taekwon–Do class, which has gone from strength to strength, I then had to stop Hap Kido to concentrate on my own club, but training in the other styles has also helped me with ideas in the way in which I train. I subsequently opened a new school and added extra nights.

After 3 years of hard work I gained my 3rd Degree with a credit in 2006,

I was then promoted to 4th Degree in April 2010 and then gained my 5th degree in April 2014, I am currently training for my 6th Degree.

My Goals for the future are to continue training and teach and promote Taekwon-Do and the Heart of England Association as long as I am fit and able.



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