Miss Natalie Monk (3rd Degree)

 Natalie Monk is currently a 3rd Degree Black Belt and is joint instructor with Gareth Miles for the Miles Family Taekwon-Do, which covers the South Normanton area. 

Both have studied the art of Taekwon-Do for many years and are currently working towards gaining their 4th Degree Black Belts.  Gareth also studied Kickboxing for many years and is also a Black Belt in this discipline, but decided to dedicate his studies to the art of Taekwon-Do for the past six years. 

Both instructors have trained under the tutorship of Master Gary Bradshaw for many years and are part of the Heart of England Elite Squad.  Competing has been a big part of both instructors training over the years and both have achieved success, gaining numerous titles both nationally and internationally from being  ‘World Champion to European Champion’  title holders, as well gaining many more Gold medals from across the country.

Miles Taekwon-Do is very much a family orientated club and encourages families to train together no matter the age.  In the past both Natalie and Gareth have trained and worked with people from the age of 4 to 64.  The skills that Taekwon-Do offers not only improves fitness and flexibility, but builds self-confidence, self-discipline, self-esteem, as well as developing team work and leadership skills.  The syllabus students cover throughout their training is supported through the Heart of England Group.

Natalie and Gareth are committed to sharing their knowledge and experience and to train the next generation of Taekwon-Do practitioners.  Who knows, you may even be a World Champion one day.


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