Child Protection

The Heart of England­ ITF Taekwon­-Do Association is committed to ensuring a safe learning environment for juniors under the age of 18 and vulnerable adults by enforcing the clear and comprehensive UITF Child Protection Policy.

Disclosure and Barring Service

All Heart of England ­ITF Instructors are DBS checked.


All Heart of England ­ITF Instructors and Students are fully insured for Martial Arts.

Child Protection Policy

  1. Heart of England ­ITF Taekwon-­Do Association complies with the UITF Taekwon-Do Child Protection Policy – Safeguarding & Implementation Procedures. All individual members are deemed to have read understood and assented to the UITF Taekwon-Do Code of Conduct and Ethics (”Code”) and as such recognise and adhere to the principles and responsibilities embodied in the Code.
  2. All individuals involved in Heart of England ­ITF Schools at every level, including instructors, officials, coaches, administrators, students, or spectators agree to abide by the UITF Taekwon-Do Code of Conduct and Ethics (”Code”) and all such individuals, by participating or being involved in the Heart of England ­ITF Schools in one of the aforementioned roles or in a role which comes within the intended scope of this paragraph and the UITF Child Protection Policy generally are deemed to have assented to, and as such recognise and adhere to the principles and responsibilities embodied in the Code.
  3. Each and every constituent member of Heart of England ­ITF Schools including without limitation, all clubs, shall be responsible for the implementation of the UITF Taekwon-Do Child Protection Policy – Safeguarding and Implementation Procedures in relation to their individual members.
  4. Any act, statement, conduct or other matter which harms a child or children, or poses or may pose a risk of harm to a child or children, shall constitute behaviour which is improper and brings the art/sport into disrepute.
  5.  In these Regulations the expression “Offence” shall mean any one or more of the offences contained in Schedule 1 to the Children and Young Persons Act 1933 and any other criminal offence which reasonably causes the Governing Body to believe that the person accused of the offence poses or may pose a risk of harm to a child or children.
  6.  Upon receipt by Heart of England ­ITF of:
    1. notification that an individual has been charged with an Offence; or
    2. notification that an individual is the subject of an investigation by the Police, Social Services or any other authority relating to an Offence; or
    3. any other information which causes the body reasonably to believe that a person poses or may pose a risk of harm to a child or children, then the Heart of England ­ITF Child Protection Officer and or Chairman shall have the power to order that the individual be suspended from all or any Heart of England ­ITF activity for such period and on such terms and conditions as it thinks fit.
  7.  In reaching their determination as to whether an order under Regulation 6 should be made, The Child Protection Officer shall give consideration, interalia, to the following factors:
    1. whether a child is or children are or may be at risk of harm
    2.  whether the matters are of a serious nature
    3. whether an order is necessary or desirable to allow the conduct of any investigation by the Child Protection Officer or any other authority or body to proceed unimpeded.
  8. The period of an order referred to in Regulation 6 above shall not be capable of lasting beyond the date upon which any charge or any offence is decided or brought to an end.
  9. Where an order is imposed on an individual under Regulation 6 above, the Child Protection Officer shall bring and conclude any proceedings
    person relating to the matters as soon as reasonably practicable.
  10. Where a person is convicted, or is made the subject of a caution in respect of an offence, that shall constitute a breach of the Rules of Heart of England ITF and the Child Protection Officer shall have the power to order the suspension of the person from all or any specific Heart of England ­ITF activity for such a period (including indefinitely) and on such terms and conditions as they think fit.
  11. For the purpose of these Regulations, the Child Protection Officer shall act on behalf of the Heart of England ITF Management Committee.
  12. Notification in writing or an order referred to above shall be given to the person concerned and/or any club with which he is associated as soon as reasonably practicable.


The taking of photographs and video footage at Heart of England ­ITF Schools training sessions is prohibited without the specific permission of the Instructor and Parents and / or Guardians of all Juniors likely to appear in any of the photos or footage recorded. The use of any images or footage for which permission has been obtained must not appear in any publication or web ­based format in which the children photographed or videoed are identified. Anyone photographs or video footage without permission will be asked to delete the images. If a Parent, Guardian, Assistant or any other person has any concerns about issues of unauthorised or inappropriate photography they should   report / discuss this with the Instructor who will take appropriate action. Parents and /or Guardians should be aware that competitions and demonstration events are considered to be open forum events and that photography is likely to be unrestricted.

Child Care

Heart of England ­ITF Taekwon­-Do and Junior Taekwon­-Do classes are not Child Care facilities. Parents who leave their children whilst the training session is in progress must to return promptly at the end of the class to collect their children.


Parents need to understand that, although all reasonably practical measures will be taken to ensure the safety and protection of their children, the responsibility remains with them. Students and Instructors are not permitted under the UITF Child Protection Policies to supervise juniors outside of the Training Hall and neither are they insured to do so. Parents should, wherever possible, remain on hand during training to supervise changing room and toilet visits.

Junior Taekwon­-Do

It is an essential requirement of the Child Protection Policy that Parents, Guardians or Carers of Junior Taekwon-Do Students remain within the teaching room their child is training. It is not acceptable for a Junior Taekwon-D0 Student to be dropped off at training and left unsupervised.


For more information regarding the Child Protection Policy please email Heart of England ITF Chairman and Child Protection Officer

Master Gary Bradshaw – 7th Degree

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